Liquid Products

CCI is an active participant in the liquid products markets. Our global footprint and comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the oil market enables us to transact successfully across a wide spectrum of opportunities. We significantly enhanced our capability and presence in these markets with our 2015 acquisition of Morgan Stanley’s Global Oil Merchanting business.

Crude Oil

CCI participates in the North American physical and financial crude oil markets at all liquid hubs and has a growing presence in the European Brent market. The addition of Morgan Stanley’s Global Oil Merchanting business in late 2015 augments our already exceptional WTI and Brent crude oil financial trading expertise, and brings a physical crude oil trading capability, including storage infrastructure, to our business in North America, Europe and Asia.

CCI is growing its crude oil trading business both in existing markets and key global regions including West Africa, India and the Far East.

Refined Products

CCI regularly leases storage and transport capacity, while our research and daily participation in these markets helps us identify trading opportunities in the gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, and jet fuel markets. The Company conducts extensive research and maintains robust market databases across the entire spectrum of liquid products. We enjoy strong relationships with key participants in the market, including national oil companies, major refiners, and numerous downstream partners. Active trading of related paper markets and physical activity is driven by our deep understanding of supply and demand fundamentals.

CCI’s refined products business has significantly expanded with our acquisition of Morgan Stanley’s Global Oil Merchanting business in 2015 and now operates out of Houston, Stamford, London, Singapore, Shanghai and Montevideo, Uruguay. The acquisition has increased our participation in global trade flows and broadened CCI’s global footprint through the expansion of capabilities as well as the addition of people and other assets.  

Light Ends
CCI operates a leading light ends global trading business utilizing storage, blending and wholesale distribution to create and capture value throughout the gasoline, gasoline components and naphtha value chains.  

Core activities include:

o   Gasoline: focus on blending components into finished grades for domestic demand and export requirements and wholesaling in the Northeast US.

o   Naphtha: focus on linking key sourcing regions (Europe/FSU/AG/US) with key demand centers (Asia) and capturing the interplay between the gasoline blend pool and petrochemical sectors.

Middle Distillates

CCI operates a leading global trading business in middle distillates with a focus on diesel and jet flows. The Company’s trading business sources product from producing regions and distributes into primary demand hubs in Europe and Latin America.

Its activities are supported with bulk-building storage and bulk-breaking terminal capacity and include wholesaling in the Northeast US.

Fuel Oil

CCI’s fuel oil desk is active in the markets for transport, storage and blending. The desk participates in the markets for bunker and utility fuel products in North America, South America and Asia, as well as supplying CCI's own power plants.


CCI trades physical purified terephthalic acid (PTA), PTA futures, xylene (MX), para-xylene (PX), and mono ethylene glycol (MEG) in the Asia Pacific markets. 

Natural Gas Liquids

CCI is active in the natural gas liquids (NGLs) space in North America and has a legacy position from its previous asset ownership of the Mt. Belvieu cavern system that was sold to Energy Transfer Partners in 2011.


CCI has a recognized position in the most relevant ethanol markets (e.g. US, Brazil, Europe and China) and a growing biodiesel trading and blending business that is primarily US-based.

Wet freight

CCI’s wet freight group provides shipping solutions and freight risk management to its oil trading desks. The group manages a fleet of vessels on a time charter (TC) basis to generate positive option value inherent to shipping contracts. It also offers shipping services and solutions to third party users of freight on a short and long term basis and maintains a world-class client franchise where custom built risk solutions are tailored to client needs.

Structured Transactions

CCI participates in structured transactions, applying our risk management, financial and investment expertise across the different spectrum of liquid products.


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